Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poker Pays AGAIN!!!

One of the best things in my entire life happened to me last night. First I'm at work and Tommy calls me. He says meet me at BW3(our local hot wing place) at 6pm. This is my favorite restaraunt, and the place where we all go for Monday Night Football. So, I'm thinking, its Monday Night, but Football season is over!! LOL!! Anyway, knowing Tommy I figure he's got something up his sleeve. I tried to talk Derrick into going, but he had shit to do, but I did get a hold of Keith and he decided to meet me there.

I get there and there it is on the sign on the front. Monday Night Poker. I knew right then what Tommy was up to. I went to the bar and found Tommy sitting at a table. I grabbed a Bud, and Tommy picked us up two trivia boxes. This was weird because we never play trivia (the questions there are just stupid shit) but he says that you can play poker on them. So, the manager comes out to the bar area and has everyone who's in the poker tourney sign up on a form. Me and Tommy signed up, and we got another box and signed Keith up too. He was on his way and the manager said he could play. It was one big tourney with a free buy-in!! Guess what the winner got? Yup, 2 tickets to Kid Rock at Freedom Hall this Friday. I like Kid Rock, but not nearly as much as Tommy. That's why he brought me along. I would win the tourney, and we would both go to Kid Rock on Friday. I told you Tommy always has something up his sleeve. Anyway, there were only 20 people in the tourney. You start with 2000 chips and you can only see your cards on your box. Alot of people sat together and the manager made sure by walking around that nobody was cheating. Keith was the first one out! LOL! I told him it was because he wasn't wearing his sunglasses LOLLOL!!! There was a break after the hour but it was only 5 minutes. I had to piss, but so did everyone else. The line was huge because they only have two pissers, and I missed a hand or two when I got back. I won a huge pot with pockets 88 when I hit trips on the flop. TWO GUYS went all-in before me and of course I called. After that I was first in chips, and decided not to play much more. The entire bar really didn't have a clue how to play poker. It wasn't fair I told Tommy. Tommy got put out in 7th place and before we even got to the 2nd break we were down to 3 players. The manager came out, and asked if we all wanted to sit together at a corner table that way he could call it the final table. At first I said no, but he said that we could have free beer til the end of the tourney. SIGN ME UP!! LOL!! When we sat down is when he told us that not only did first win 2 tickets, but he had 4 total, so that 2nd won two tickets too. And third got $25 gift certificate to the bar. It was cool because one of the guys said he couldn't go to the concert so that if he won 2nd he'd trade the tickets for the gift certificate.

I walked right over to Tommy and said, "Guess what we're doing Friday night?" Tommy was like "NO SHIT!!" So we didn't really take the final table serious, but I told the other two guys we should play for a bit so we could drink at least another free beer! When it comes to beer I got a knack for things. Anyway, the guy with the gift certificate had to go so he went all in with 8-6 and busted. He took the certificate and left. Me and the other guy got our Kid Rock tickets. The cool part is that he sat with Me, Tommy, and Keith and drank with us for another hour or so, and he'll be sitting next to us at Kid Rock. He also said that if his girlfriend has to work, and his brother has to work that Keith could have his extra and that we'd all meet up to go together. I'm not sure if that will happen but if it does SHIT!

So, we drank Buds til almost 10pm and I was pretty buzzed. I'll say it again, it feels good knowing that something you work extremely hard at will pay off in the long run. Poker is a fun game, but it will reward the skilled players in the end. You just have to keep telling yourself its one big session, and that the odds will pay you off over time. This right now is the best I've felt in a long time. I've always been good at the things I try really hard at. Football in high school, I was all conference my senior year, and would've been my junior year too if I didn't blow out my knee. Darts, I'm probably the best in our group at cricket and have been for years now. And now poker. Which is probably my best of them all. It feels really good to outplay your the guy every night. And it felt really good last night at BW3 when I kept hearing people who looked up at the TVs say "Who is Neverbluff?" or "I wonder which guy is Neverbluff" Yeah, that felt great.

Busy week as hell this week now. I told Tommy that since I have the Chicks vs. Champ tourney Wednesday (Tommy bet $20 on the chicks! Thanks, dick! LOL!) and I think I'm playing Jordan Thursday night, and now KID ROCK friday night. We're gonna play darts tonight since it's the only free night, and Tommy said since I won the Kid Rock he's going to pay for the Buds tonight.

Life is good.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Poker Pays

So, what's a champ to do with an extra $500?
Well, for starters I ordered the CricketPro 800. I've had my eye on this for a long time now, and finally had the extra money to go get it. Thank you, fish! LOL!

Anyway, now all I have to do is clear a spot in the garage. Not only do I need a place on my back wall, but the path to the board will need to be cleared. My garage is a mess, and I meant to get to cleaning it this weekend, but I didn't. My heavy bag hangs in one corner, and I've got a work bench that runs all down that wall. And up against the work bench is Pete's scooter. It's not really a scooter, but that's what he calls his motorcycle. He's rebuilding the engine now, and I told him I'd help with the body work. I don't have a bike, but I like to work on them. I had a bad accident right after I moved here, and haven't been on one since. Maybe some day. Anyway, I think I'm gonna put the board up by the corner of the other wall. Only problem there is that the door is in that corner. If we got boozed up and someone walked through the door he could take a dart in the face. They are plastic tipped with the CricketPro 800 so I don't think it would hurt too bad. Plus we could always lock the door when we are playing and make the person go through the front garage door. I got tons of scrap wood out here too that we plan on using to make a really nice poker table soon. That project is scheduled for spring when it warms up. If Pete gets his bike out of here, we'll probably just keep the table here while it's warm out.

I've got bills to pay. Gotta eat ya know? Also paying child support isn't cheap. If Crystal ever marries that guy who she's got shacking up there, and he ends up adopting Cody then I won't have to pay anymore which would be nice. Hell, if that's ever the case who knows what I'll end up buying LOL!!

I signed up for the Chicks vs. Champ poker tourney on Pokerstars this Wednesday. I doubt any pros show up, but it'd be cool if Annie Duke did. I'm not sure if it's just going to be all women against me or what, but if it is that'll be pretty cool. The guy who set it up, Wes posted the password on here, so I'm not sure if that'll end up keeping people out or not. I don't really care as long as I bring my best game. If I end up with my best game, and I can keep from getting sucked out on, I like my chances. I've got more tips to share with everyone, but I'm thinking about waiting until this tourney is over and my headsup with Jordan. He backed out of playing yesterday, but I guess he was busy. I don't have any reason to not believe him, but I know that I wouldn't want to play me! LOLLOL!!

So the dartboard says it should be here within 6-8 business days. I plan to host a Cricket party when it comes in. Maybe have everyone throw in $20 or so and get a nice tourney going. Of course we'll play poker too. After all it's poker that got me the board! It feels good knowing that something you work really hard at to be good at can pay off, and help you buy things. Everytime I play on that board it will remind me of my hard work.

I hope all of your pots are fat and juicy like mine!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Play Like a Champion Today

If you want to be a champion, you have to play like one. And that's exactly what I did yesterday. Most of the players were at Pete's first tourney, and I used the information I gathered to my advantage. The game started at 1pm, and by the time I won the last pot it was only 5pm. Guess what that means? Yup, another tourney. Guess who won? Yup. Do you ever have those days where you just know how every single hand is going to turn out? That was me and yesterday. I could tell that people were bluffing, and when they had the goods. I only got sucked out on once, and the guy only had 20 chips left so it didn't even hurt me any.

Funny thing reading my comments Wes set up a tourney called Champ and the Chicks. It is Wednesday which is when I usually play cricket, but I think I'm going to play. I'm a believer in that the more hands you play the better you'll be in the long run. I think he thinks that since I've said things about Jess and Crystal that I'm always a dick to women which isn't true. I get along with Jess, but she just isn't right for Pete. She's got a mouth on her, and when she gets on a roll she just needs jacked. Doesn't matter that she's a woman, I'd say that about a man too. Now don't get me wrong, that's not my girl so I don't mess with it. That's Pete's business, and that's how it should be. And just because I said that I use a woman's name on my poker sites, and I use pictures of women or women characters doesn't mean anything bad. In fact I really figured more people did it. It's a known fact that most poker players are men. Just tune into a poker event on TV. What does that tell you? If I can get someone to bluff at me because they think I'm a woman player then that works for me strategically. If people don't like it then tough. But, if they want to set up Chicks versus Champ poker tourney then that's fine too. I should be able to play Wednesday and I think it will be fun. But you better know that just because I'm playing against women I WILL NOT be taking it easy on them. Poker is war, and it doesn't matter your sex, your age, or your race. If you sit down with me you better be ready to go to battle. That's just how I play, and that's how I've always played.

Anyway, we had 17 players at Pete's and I won the tourney. The best part was that I played Keith headsup at the final table, and the last four hands I played blind. I told everyone too, I won't even look at my cards. Keith was getting pissed a little bit, because everytime he raised I would just say, "You don't have it." And then I would raise, and everyone there was going completely nuts because I hadn't even looked at my cards yet. Like I said earlier it was just one of those days. I won $300 at that tourney, and we had 9 people that wanted to play again, so we played another $30 tourney. This time it got down to headsup with Pete's cousin. I didn't play any hands blind because I was starting to get a buzz, and he had as many chips as I did so I played him serious. Even after drinking beer all day I knew what he had every single time. I won $175 there. So that's almost $500 in one day playing poker.

Maybe this going pro is going to happen sooner than I thought.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Short and Sweet

I don't normally go off on someone like I did Faggle, but sometimes you got to stick up for what's right. What's right is fucking right. I'll cut you some slack, but if you go too far then you're gonna get burned buddy. And heres news for you too, once you cash in your NeverBluff card you ain't never gonna get it back. And you can bet your ass I'm not bluffing here either, Neverbluff goes for the poker table, and real life.

So, we got that out of the way. No poker last night because I had to catch up on laundry. No kid this weekend, so it's gonna be full of Buds and knowing Pete bourbon too. My goal in Pete's tourney is to build a stack early and go from there. I think it's important to have tourney strategy before it starts. You really need to be able to tell what types of game each player is going to play. Some plays will work against some players that won't work against others. We got another shindig planned tonight at our bar. Tomorrow is Keith's girlfriend's birthday, and we're having a thing for her tonight at the bar. She doesn't know it, so the surprise will be cool. Keith invited some of her friends too which will be good because she's got some hot ass friends. A little booze. Some cricket. And finish the night off with some stove hot pussy! LOL!! That's right. Not a thing wrong with that.

So, I will be back Sunday to tell you about the tourney. I'm also going to try to get a few things lined up so that I can play Jordan Sunday too. I hope all of your pots are fat and juicy like mine!! Wish me luck in the tourney, hey, even someone like me could use a suckout every once in awhile LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Get Out Your Shinebox

I got no respect for people who talk out of their ass about shit they don't know shit about, and what little I had left for Faggle Bogey is flat out gone now.

I know I said I wasn't going to head back to the worst poker blog on the internet but my boy Derrick whose been watching all this shit and even was watching when Jordan sucked out on me in the heads up tournament went over there and saw what Faggle Bogey had to say about me and told me I should go take a look. I had him email me that shit instead and he did.

Faggle Bogey don't know jack about shit. 1st of all that's not even my picture - I've said that before. You read everything else so carefully I'm surprised you missed it. Derrick helped me set this shit up thought it was funny to show some douche as the picture and I thought it was funny too. Then again I think I know why your coming around here and reading so much Faggle is you can't take your eyes off a piece of beefcake in leather LOL! Maybe I should have Derrick find me a pretty boy in chaps on the internet and we'll put that up with your name on it. LOL! It's OK if you don't like the little boys I'm sure the big ones love you too.

Nice comic strip too. Are those guys supposed to be retarded or did you hire some second graders to draw that for you? LOLOL! Maybe the comic wouldn't be so sad if you weren't trying to sell us something after everyone of those. These guys who make money dishonestly off the internet really piss me off. I'm supposed to sign up for some program where they take my money and I end up getting a $20 gift certificate to amazon or some shit? Yeah Faggle, no thanks. I hope you get shut down by the better business bureau for this crap. No one should have to pay MORE money to play poker unless they keep calling my flop bets LOL!

Another thing that's pathetic is when he says my poker advice is horrenndous. I haven't even been giving that much of the kickass strategy away for free Faggle! If you think I'm going to give you the cow for free instead of paying for the milk your stupid! LOL! I make money playing poker. Let me say that again if you weren't listening when I said it the first time. I MAKE MONEY PLAYING POKER. If I was such a donkey Id be dropping dollars faster than your biological parents dropped you off at the orphanage when you were born LOL! I already got one of my call center chumps buying me cokes all day so I'll teach him poker at lunch - AND HE WON HIS FIRST PLAY MONEY TOURNAMENT LAST NIGHT! What does that tell you dipshit? You inbred rednecks in Okalahoma wouldn't know nothing about putting your dick on the line when you got a shot at grabbing the nuts at the end would you? I play this shit to win and I play this shit hard and fast and if you got a better way than me I don't see you getting your book published anytime soon but I didn't even have to check Barnes and Nobles to know that now did I? LOLOL! So unless you got money flowing out your ass from playing poker (not taking peoples money through those scams you're selling) you got nowhere to talk.

Third you don't know anything about my life so shut up about it already. I play as a woman on my poker sites because its a well known fact that there aren't only a few women who can play poker at all so I make even more money than if they saw me as some sort of hardass thistledick from Tulsa or something. I'm saying that we all know women have their place and I know two places they don't belong and that's at the poker table, or all up in my shit. You got an ex-wife (or husband) Faggle? You have a bitter ass bitch constantly up in your business because you had the good sense to send her ass packing before she totally lost her shit and made your life hell in that apartment? No? I didn't think so. I wish I had good sense like Pete to own that shit like he does with Jess. Well, I do now! LOL! I think Pete has all that set up just right. When Jess acts up she knows she's got consequenses and Pete might have to knock her around a little bit to do it but she ain't gonna get it unless she deserves it. That's EXACtLY how you have to keep some women in place is by letting them know whats going to happen if they keep whining. Not all women, I dated this girl just out of UL on my team for a little while last year and she was cool but didn't get along with Tommy and Keith and its always been possee over pussy as far as I'm concerned. Chris Rock said once that there's always a reason to kick someone's ass but usually you shouldn't kick that ass (I'm NOT a racist, I think Chris Rock is funny and me and Rico at work get along real good among other things). So I ain't saying I'm gonna knock a bitch around but I'm not saying I ain't gonna knock a bitch around either you know what I mean? If she knows its out there then she's more likely to listen the first time and that's the key to happiness. She doesn't have to agree with me all the time, but she better know to pick her battles because I know how to pick mine LOL!

And what's so sad about hanging with your buddies, drinking Bud and shooting darts? Nothing else to do around here and I'm not tied to the goddamn computer all day neither. By the way nice artwork on those banners. The embossed letters look especiailly fruity if you ask me (not that I'd know about fruity LOLOL!). It's pretty sad when all you want to do is talk about poker and you've got a douchebag like Faggle hanging around wanting to take a piss on your party. I'm not here for you Faggle, you weren't my problem but you are until I finish tearing you one up here. then I'll never speak of you again I promise. Even if its just Derrick right now that's reading you, I don't even want him going your way anyways. The difference between me and you obviously is that your living your life on that computer of yours with fat guys and dorks all trying to tell each other how cool you are. At least me and Tommy and Keith and everyone are out there in the REAL WORLD living. I'm single, I got money, I'm a winning poker player, and I get laid. So fucking what if you don't like how I'm living Faggle it isn't your life anyways.

I got nothing against Jordan or Tripjax or anyone else whos trying to be friendly. I'm a good guy. People like me and I got lots of friends. I don't think I've got to be a dick just because I can hide behind my computer. Everything I put down here is true and it happens in the real world where I'm only Neverbluff in my own head and no one knows what goes on at the poker tables. I ain't hiding there and the people who I talk about here know that I'm talking about them too. If they got no problem with this I don't see why you've got to have a problem. It ain't your business and if you don't want to read what I've got to say then you don't have to come here and read it at all. You're the sad pathetic one for trying to pass judgment on someone you don't even know. People who live in glass houses Faggle.

If I had a twelve pack in me right now I'd keep going but I'm already getting bored tearing you a new one. Let this be the last time I say the name Faggle Bogey, you ain't shit to me. Dick.

Good luck at the tables, and may all your pots be fat and juicy. Except for that guy I'm not going to ever fucking mention again. May his pots be as limp as his girly cock.

Play Like A Champion Today.

Tough time

Yeah this is a tough time of the year to watch TV. My Louisville Cardinals aren't playing like their used to, the winter olympics suck, and baseball season is getting ready to start and I hate baseball. I'd rather watch paint dry. LOL! Seriously, the only good thing about baseball is drinking beer and having some dogs. Our company goes to at least 2 games a year at Slugger Field, and we usually get drunk as skunks and yell at the outfielders. I don't watch the NBA much anymore after Jordan retired, and there aren't many Cardinals that are in the NBA right now to cheer on. Garcia is with Sacramento but they suck and I never see them on TV. Oh well, I'm just venting because it's a tough time of year for a sports nut like me. I guess that's what I get for having my Steelers (greatest team in NFL history) win the big one this year. So I shouldn't complain. Pete was talking the other day about the WNBA, and we both couldn't figure out how it still exists. On Sportscenter when you see the highlights (Yeah, I know! LOL!!) there isn't anyone in the stands. I will never go to a WNBA game, and I can guarantee that my son won't get near one either. The only people who go to games are lezbos, people with free tickets who like to watch shit, and complete idiots.

I don't know, I guess to each their own. I got some guys at work that make fun of me for watching professional wrestling, but I don't care. It's a soap opera for adults I tell them, and you HAVE to respect the athletic ability of the wrestlers. They are some of the top athletes on the planet, and I have no doubt that if any of them wanted to play professional football, basketball, or baseball the could. They just don't want to. And why should they? Anyway, to each their own I guess. I'm just hoping Louisville makes the NCAA this year. If that happens then we got as good a shot at any team with Pitino. Look waht we did last year when nobody picked us.

I didn't play any poker last night for the first time in awhile. Tommy came over after he got off work and I cooked us up a couple burgers. We talked about poker and women mostly. I taught him a little about both. (Sorry Tommy! LOL!!) Anyway, I don't got much to say today, because like I said I didn't play any cards last night, and if you're here reading this it's because you want to read about poker. I've been jotting down some good tips lately, and I may share them with you. Jordan reads here and we got a big headsup best of seven tourney coming up, so I may not post my strategy til it's over. I don't want him using my own stuff to beat me! LOL!! Two days away from a big tourney at Pete's. If I can keep from getting sucked out I should win it. I know that's a big if against fish, but you can only get your money in with the best of it and hope! Speaking of hope, I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Night

Had another big night at the tables last night. I put $50 into my Full Tilt account about 3 months ago, now I have $400. There are so many tourists that play there it's really not even funny. Last night I bought in at the $100NL and played for about 2 hours. When I got up I had $211. Not bad. LOL! That's $55 per hour. If I could keep that up I could retire sooner than I had planned. Of course that's a good night at the tables, but the beauty is that you don't have to win as many hands if you move up in limits. $55 per hour is nothing at the big limit tables. Maybe win one hand an hour or so. That's the key to turning pro. Take your time. If you rush it you'll only end up in the gutter. Patience is the key to being a successful player. Ask any pro. I don't have much to say about last night, but I did win one big hand where I had QQ, and the guy had AK. The flop came all hearts Jack high. The guy went all in for about $70 and I called. He had the Ace of hearts, and another one didn't come. It was funny because he questioned my call, and said that he would never call off all his chips on that flop. I guess I'm different.

After reading my comments it's obvious that some people think I made a horrendous play against Jordan in the headsup. I DO NOT CARE. My game has paid for my Budweiser for almost 6 full months now. It will continue to pay for it, and it will probably pay for at least a trip to Vegas, and a Steelers game too. That's the beauty of playing at the level I play at. All you have to be is better than half the people at the table to be a winning poker player. Of course dodging suckouts is big too. Besides, I still don't think it was that bad. I read what you had to say, even though some said more than others, and went back over the hand. I would play it the exact same way tomorrow. Anyway, that's the beauty of poker. There are several ways to play hands, some better than others. But, when that river card comes and it doesn't like you sometimes you'll go broke.

I didn't get the name NeverBluff from sucking at poker. I didn't win almost every single poker tourney at Pete's from sucking at poker. I don't win almost every single night online from sucking. People look up to me, and there's a reason for it.

I plan to play Jordan headsup sometime soon. We decided on a best of 7 series which should be a lot of fun. I don't play many headsup matches unless it's at the end of a SNG and by then I usually have so many chips it doesn't matter what the cards are so this should be good experience. I have confidence in my game even if nobody else does, and like my main man Denny Crum used to say "Bring it on!"

Play Like a Champion Today

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Home Again.

Whew, it sure is good to be back home. I enjoy visiting my family as much as the next guy, but this past weekend really wore me out. Maybe it was the three cases of Budweiser me and my uncle pounded! Little Cody had a blast too. Except I think he ate too much chili. Damn kid shit his pants three times!! LOL!! One time I was too drunk to mess with him, so I had to wake my mother up to tend to him. She was not happy at all.

Anyway, it's about time to get back to taking all the tourist money at the poker tables!! I read my comments (I knew there would be some) and it looks like Jordan wants to play heads-up. Anytime, man! We can play at Stars if you want, and I can play almost any night unless we're playing a live tourney or playing cricket at the bar. I read your blog, and you think I'm a chump, that's fine! I'm ready to prove to you that my game is for real and that this is just another step on my way to becoming a World Champion. Tripjax also commented asking for the hand history, but if you go to Jordan's blog he already has it posted. Duggle Bogey also said I played it poorly on every street. I thought that was interested, because I definitely believe I did not. I played a trap play, and Jordan hit a river. He was betting it hard all the way, and I knew if a diamond didn't hit he would make another play at it. That's poker, Duggle. So, I went to his blog (I've never been before) and started reading it, and it doesn't surprise me with his comment now. What a joke. It will be the last time I go there because it's probably the worst poker blog I've read. Maybe you should spend more time learning this beautiful game than drawing up shitty cartoons!! LOL!! Doesn't surprise me at all that some dipshit from Oklahmoma doesn't think I played it right. In fact, if a dumbshit like him doesn't like my play, I'll take it as a compliment. And don't comment here unless you have something good to say. Tripjax and Jordan are both respected players, and they are welcome here anytime. Even though I doubt Jordan comes back after I humiliate him in front of all of his friends! LOL!

My question is, JOrdan? If you think I'm such a horrible poker player, what are you going to do when I beat you? LOL!!

Anyway, we've got a tourney scheduled for this weekend at Pete's. I got my uncle's chili recipe (I've been asking for it for years), so I'm bringing chili again. Pete says he wouldn't be surprised if we had 15 players which would be cool. I hope Keith wears his sunglasses again so we can all poke fun! lOL!!

I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine!!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Off to Pittsburgh

Off to the motherland.
I played in the blogger tourney last night.
Not much to say other than I got sucked out on. Of course.

I played Jordan from High On Poker. I like his blog, but last night proved my theory that most bloggers are even fish. I'm sure he'll write it up different, but it is what it is. I think you can tell by reading a blog whether or not the blogger is a tourist, and most of them are. They just like to write and pretend they're good. That's okay too.

I'll keep grinding away, and I'm sure Jordan the Fish will stop by here and take a few potshots in my comments while I'm gone. That's okay. I've got the hand history saved on my computer. He bet 200 into a 200 pot, I raised him to 600. He calls and hits a miracle on the river. And then he starts talking trash. I know he had a contest because I read about it in his blog, but he's still not very good at poker. He can say whatever he wants about that, but the fact that his game sucks shit isn't up for debate.

It's cold here, and I'm picking Cody up in a half hour. We've got a long President's Day weekend ahead of us. Lots of chili, and board games. And Budweiser LOL!!

Good luck at the tables, and may all your pots be fat and juicy.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Friday, February 17, 2006

You called me with that? Fucking Tourists.

Last night was HORRIBLE! The fish got their way, and the tourists hit all their draws. You know how some hands have names like AA is American Airlines? Here's a list, some of them are from Doyle's Super System, and some are from Vince Van Patton on WPT.

AA = American Airlines
KK = Cowboys
QQ = The Hilton Sisters
72 = Hammer (it is the worst starting hand in holdem because you will need 4 cards on the board to make a straight.)

Anyway, so the hand that struck me again last night was Ace-Seven. I thought this hand was familiar and sure enough if you read my first or second post you'll see that this was the hand that sucked out on me be some dumbass tourist. So, from now on in all my live games and everywhere else I'm going to call Ace-Seven THE TOURIST.
Of course only if it's not suited because I'll even play it if its suited if the price is right.

Anyway, here's the hand. I'm playing at a $100 table, no limit of course. I get JJ in the big blind, and it folds all the way to the small blind who raises me. Well, I decide to raise him back. He goes all-in, and I know he's bluffing so I call (He also only has $40). Flop comes out with an ace. I typed in "nh, tourist" He says are you talking to me? I said no I'm talking to the other dumbass who likes to play A7 for all of his chips. He starts saying stuff about stacking my chips, and how poker is what it is.

BULLSHIT! The guy had 3 outs, and hits a miracle.

I play for about another 30 minutes, and win another pot so my stack is about $85. I'm on the button and only one guy calls to me and I see pockets AA. American Airlines. I raise it, and the big blind calls, and the other guy folds. The flop comes K77. The guy checks, I bet about the pot, and he goes all in. I type in "I have to call because no way you called a raise with a 7. If you have Kings, nh." I call, and guess what he has? Yup. A7!!! LOL!! Are you fucking kidding me? These tourists who normally pay for my Budweiser are hitting everything on me now!! LOL!! I got pissed off when that happened. When I get pissed off I like to take out my anger on my heavy bag. Of course its 40 degrees or so, and my heavybag is in the garage, but I was so pissed I walked out there with just sweatpants on. No shoes, no socks, nothing. I started beating that bag and screaming at the top of my lungs. Hell, I probably woke all the neighbors up, but I didn't care. The fucking tourists are pissing me off, and they keep doing it with Ace-Seven. I'm starting to think that there's something up with that hand because it ALWAYS HITS. I got started to thinking that maybe there's a computer glitch where it always makes that hand to hit, and so I thought I'd fight fire with fire. I went back in and started playing and I told myself I was gonna play until I got A7 and I was going to call no matter what to see if I hit. I must've played 2 more hours and never got it. It was close to midnight and I just gave up. I don't think we are leaving tonight, so I might end up playing in the tourney that the bloggers are having. It will be my first one, so wish me luck.

And beware. If I get A7 I will play it hard and shove it up a tourist's ass! LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Inpromtu Game

That's right. Out of nowhere. Pete calls me up and says that Jess is being a filthy cunt (as usual) and that he kicked her out again, so he wants to play poker and get drunk.

Hmmm, let's see, twist my arm a bit LOL!!!

He said his cousin Rick was already there, and that Tommy was on his way. I said I'd be there in 15 minutes, and before I knew it, I was icing down the cooler full of Buds and was on my way. Now I don't normally drink much on a work night, maybe 10 at the most if I have to drive, and I usually try to cut myself off by midnight, since 6am comes pretty early around here but this was a special occasion.

Kicking that dumb ass bitch out.

And yes Pete had the bourbon out again. Every shot was dedicated to kicking the shit out of that dumb ass bitch. You'd think someone with a fresh scar for a reminder would learn to walk the line, but that stupid bitch is so dumb it takes her four hours to watch 60 Minutes LOL!! Of course, I end up going to the bar afterwards with Tommy, but that's another story. And yes, my head is still pounding today. LOL!

We only had 5 players, and had to wait about another hour for Keith to show up. He shows up and he's wearing a visor and sunglasses. I had to laugh. Keith, you just started playing poker, what's the deal? He said if sunglasses were legal in the real game that he should be able to wear them. I don't wear sunglasses, but I can see why people do. And who knows, maybe one day I'll wear some. Right now I don't have any tells, so why should I be worried? I also think it helps to be able to look right into someone's eyes, eye to eye. If you're bluffing I can usually tell just by getting you in a good stare. Don't believe me? Let's play.

Any way, after about 5 shots and a tourney (believe it or not, Keith won) I figured it was time to go. Not Tommy. Tommy wanted to play some cricket, so I told him I'd go for one game. Well, guess who was there? Yep, that dumb ass waitress bitch who bitched about Tommy last weekend. We walk up to the bar to order a beer and she and the owner are working the bar. Tommy says give us 2 Buds. That fucking bitch ignored us. Tommy said, no she didn't just turn her back. She came back down and served another guy, and Tommy said again, Give us 2 Buds. She acted like we weren't even there. Tommy started to get really pissed, and he was pretty drunk by this time too, so I don't blame him. He slammed his fist down on the table, and the 2 guys next to us their beers spilt a little bit. Tommy said, CUNT! if you don't serve me I'm gonna wear that ass out! I liked this because he twisted it on her. She either serves us, or he gets to set that shit up on a rail. Tommy isn't no dummy, and he knows his way with women. She comes down with two mugs of Budweiser and says Listen if you want more service you need to quit acting like an asshole. Tommy just laughed. Then he said, What time you get off tonight? She didn't answer, but we were both laughing like drunken fools by then.

We ended up playing 4 games of cricket. I won 3. As we were leaving we walked by the pool table and there were two gals playing pool. Tommy started to talk to the blond while she was getting ready to shoot, and she stood up and said, Excuse me? He bent over her and grabbed the stick and tried to show her how to line up the shot. She thought it was cute, and he got to rub up against her ass. He always does things for a reason. Anyway, when we were leaving he got her phone number, so I think we may be playing pool next weekend.

Off to Pittsburgh this weekend. I may play in the poker tourney tomorrow night if I can. I also may try to update the weekend since my uncle has internet at his place.

I also may try to teach everyone this great game of Hold'em Poker. LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Big Night

I wish I would've had a night like last night back when I was trying to build for the Hellmuth Camp.

The fish were schooling and I had my skillet over the open flame frying them up. I read some Doyle Super System yesterday at work. I brought it in to give to Derrick since he seemed to take a liking to our conversations last Friday. But, Derrick called in sick, so I just looked over the No Limit section at lunch. When I got home I decided to play some real poker. I said to myself, Quit letting these fucking tourists win pots off you. I decided to step up and play for bigger stakes. I sat at the NL$400 table, and after 3 hours I had over $1100 in my stack. I was getting hungry and cooked up some burgers to go with my fried fish. LOL! Anyway, this hand was probably the best, and it really put some guy on tilt. I'm in the big blind and I'm dealt pockets 88. Some guy raised it to $15, and the guy on the button called. I called to hopefully hit trips, or maybe a straight draw. The flop comes King - Queen - Eight. If you read my post about playing sets fast against more than one player you probably know what I did. Yep, I bet the pot. I bet $50 and I had about 400 left. The first guy just calls, and the next guy goes all-in? I thought about it for awhile, and figured that the only hands that had me beat were pockets KK QQ. And I thought that if they had those they might have raised. I also thought that if they had them it was just bad luck. I called and the other guy thought forever and folded. The guy had KQ, and my hand held up. But get this, the guy that folded, he was the one who raised. He said he had pockets AA, and started calling us both fish. LOL!! I just told him to get stuffed, and that if he wanted to deal with me we could play at a thousand dollar table, or he could come to Louisville to dance. He just got up and left. That's what makes a tourist a tourist. First they know nothing at all about poker, second they mouth off like a drunk bitch who just found out her man was banging someone else LOL!!

Anyway, It felt good to win over 700 last night. It lets me know that when I'm serious and on top of my game that I'm one of the best out there. It also lets me know that I'm only a couple steps away from playing full time. I am thinking like a champion, and I am playing like a champion. Poker isn't for everybody, and certain people are born to be professionals. Over the past few months I've realized that I am one of the chosen ones. I can feel it in my blood that I was born to play poker. I have dreams about it every night. Dreams about becoming the world champion. That's how I know. All it takes is hard work, because I know I have what it takes up top to break people down at the tables. You may never think I'm bluffing, but that's the beauty of it. When you think I'm not I am. And when you think I am, well guess what? Yep, you go broke cause I'll have the goods.

How many others out there are serious about this?
Or is it just a hobby like darts or pool?
For me its serious, and I can taste it. It tastes like fish.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tips and Pointers

Okay, I got a comment from Axeman the other day asking about strategy.
That's why I started this blog, and so that's what you're going to get.
Sometimes I get sidetracked, and talk about other stuff, but my guess is that if your one of the very few that come here your probably here for the good tips.

I call it my kick-ass strategy.
Named after my uncle's kick-ass chili. Hopefully he'll have some fixed up for us this weekend when I take the boy to the folks.
Anyway, I'm still not sure if we're leaving Friday or Saturday. I really want to play in Highonpoker's tourney, so I may talk Crystal into watching him Friday night while I sit around with a case of Budweiser taking all the tourist money.

Also, I don't feel bad about talking about partying with Keith, Pete, Tommy, and all the other party animals because most of the other poker blogs do it to sometimes. Hell anymore that's all they talk about is shit that ain't poker. That's why I started this blog up. To give out the helpful tips. You can read the blogs I like, there are more then I have up, but Derrick didn't enter them all in when he put this together. He said he'd do it later, or at least show me how. We'll see.


Never start a tourney unless you have enough time to finish it. I give SNGs 90 minutes for 6 player and 2 hours for 10 player. If I don't have the time, I don't even sit. If it's a big tourney, I usually give one hour for every hundred people. If it's a 500 person tourney, I need 5 hours. I don't play many of these right now, because of time mostly. But they are fun and that's the payday.

Never call an all-in in a SNG unless you have pockets AA or KK. I don't think there needs to be any explanation here. If you have KK and the all-in has AA then you are just unlucky. Like my uncle Danny say, Dems da breaks. He also says, Well shit and fall back in it, but I don't know if that applies. Here's my reasoning: If you have QQ or JJ or any pair smaller, and you call an all-in, then you may be down to 2 cards if they have AA or KK. If they have AK you are a coinflip. How many other hands do people go all-in with? If the coinflip is your best chance then why even play the tourney? Also, never call an all-in with AK or AQ because even if the other guy has something as shit as pockets 22, you are still only a coinflip. If your happy with coinflips go play roulette.

If you read Super System Doyle says to play sets (three of a kind) fast. I agree with this a little bit and I disagree with it a little bit. If I'm playing against one player, I like to play them slow. Unless the board is all of one suit. Then you play fast, and if he flopped it you're unlucky. Dems da breaks. If I hit trips against 2 or 3 players, I will play it fast. I will also make them call an all-in if I have to. I will push a lot of chips in and make them pay to beat me. Also, if you don't bet they can't fold. Some people get too greedy. Beleive me, I know. I used to get greedy and slowplay it. Fish will hit draws. Go back and read my old strategy posts. Fish will always stick around for low bets, and they will hit draws like you've never seen.

Okay, enough for now. I can't give you all my tips on one post or you'll never come back. This is for Axeman, and whoever else likes to talk strategy. I believe that the journey to becoming a pro works best with the help of others. One of the guys I work with, Barry, thinks I'm crazy for thinking I can be a pro. Where do you think pros come from? That's right, they start small and build up. You have to have a plan, and you have to practice. To be a champion you have to think like a champion.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Weekend

What a crazy weekend I had.
It started out by taking Derrick out Friday night.
Our crew had me, Derrick, Tommy, Pete, Barry from work, John from work, and Darrell(D-Money) who is one of Derrick's coworkers.
Oh, and Keith joined us out around Midnight.

We started at one of the bars by where I live. I've talked about it before because it's where we go to play cricket and pool. I wanted to take Derrick there because he had never been, and always hears us talking about it. Tommy was in rare form too. One of the waitress/bartender-lady slapped him and asked him to leave after he dropped an icecube down the front of her shirt right between her tits. The owner of the bar calmed her down quite a bit, and didn't make Tommy or us leave. It's good to know people. Oh, and grow up you little floozy. If you're going to strut around showing your tits off to every customer like you're hot shit Marilyn Monroe, then you better be ready to take a little shit like an ice cube. I swear, some women are just fucking stupid as shit. Anyway, we were doing shots of bourbon, and ole Derrick ended up puking at the bar. We made the dumb bitch waitress clean it up and then left. She didn't even get a tip! LOL! Serves her right though. I had about 8 beers, and maybe 5 shots so I was almost at my driving limit so I decided to go ahead and drive us downtown. Keith met us out after a date he was on. I asked to smell his finger and we all got a good laugh out of that. "NeverBluff, you're the funniest sonofabitch I know." Keith said. I was class clown too, which doesn't usually go to a football player. Hey, what can I say, I like to be the life of the party. And I usually am.

Anyway, we got downtown, and D-Money and Derrick wanted to try to get some pussy, so we went to a club. I don't like clubs much, but figured I'd go for Derrick. He was so drunk, but we were all proud of him for bouncing back after he puked. Tommy was hilarious at the club. He kept asking girls if he could go down on them. Most of the girls were probably 15 years younger than us, but he didn't care. The funniest was a girl who was walking by us at the bar, and she was holding hands with her man and Tommy goes "Hey, give me five minutes in your box, and you'll never talk to him again!" LOLLOL!!! The guy got pissy, but me and Keith stepped up and told him if he knew what was good for him, he'd go ahead and leave. Tommy is a riot sometimes.

Anyway, we stayed til about 2am and I had about 4 more beers and maybe 4 more shots. That put me at about my driving limit, so I figured if I was gonna drive us home we should go. We laughed the whole way home at the shit Tommy got into.

Saturday I had the guys over for a poker tourney. We only had 6 (Me, Pete, Tommy, Keith, John from work, and Pete's cousin Rick) and we played a 30$ tourney. If you went broke in the first hour you could reload for $30. Tommy went broke 4 times, and he kept reloading. He spent $120 and didn't even get paid. We paid the top two, and it ended up being Rick versus Pete. I got sucked out on of course. It never gets old. The hand I got beat on, I had pockets 99. I raised up the blind, and the flop comes Ten, Eight, Four. I checked, and Rick checked. The turn was a 2. I checked again, and Rick checked. I thought I probably had him here, and decided to make my move on the river. The River was a 5, and I bet. Rick raised me, and I went all in. I KNEW he didn't have a ten, but guess what. He had 5-4 and hit his two pair on the river. It wasn't in the first hour so I coudn't reload. I just sat there and drank my Budweiser making fun of Rick for being such a tourist. I told him it was people like him online that pay for my cold beer. LOL!!

Anyway, Sunday was pretty dull. No football sucks, and it was cold as hell. I went to the store and got some burgers. I cooked them up and drank Budweiser and watched some movies. I watched Boiler Room again, and Keith gave me Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I never seen it, but he loves it. I thought it was pretty cool even though it was all in Chinese or Japanese. Keith said he liked it even though its all gooks, because of the fight scenes. I agree.

Back to work, and back to taking all the tourist money online this week. Off to Pittsburgh this weekend with the boy.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy 23rd

Today is my good buddy, Derrick's 23rd birthday.
He's one of the very few that read this blog, so I don't feel bad wishing him well on the internet. In fact, after work today me and some of the guys are gonna take him out and get him wasted.

Aren't we, Derrick? LOL!

Anyway, a little background about D. He's the IT guy in our building. We call him the computer guru because he can fix damn near anything. He works for more than just my company too. He's that good. Anyway, he's had a blog about computer technology and things for a couple years I think. And he was the one who talked me into starting this one up. Hell, he pretty much put this one together for me. He set it all up for me and filled out the settings, and entered in some of my favorite bands, and books, and hobbies and stuff. He even found the picture of the guy with the do-rag that I use. (You didn't think that was really me did you?) LOL!! Anyway, D, set this up for me, and showed me how to run it. It's pretty easy for those of you out there thinking about putting one together.

Hell, if you look at my last post you'll see that I've been invited to play in a headsup tourney by HighonPoker and Tripjax. Thanks guys! This is how it all starts. This is exactly how Ivey and Hellmuth got there feet wet. They played with folks they knew, and started to perfect there games. I read HighonPoker, and just started reading Tripjax. These are two of the best poker blogs out there. Trust me. These guys know the game, and how to play it. The tourney is next Friday which is when I was planning to leave for Pittsburgh to see my family, but I may just wait until Saturday so I can play in this. It's only $11, and will probably be good experience for me.

Back to Derrick. This guy knows his computers. He doesn't play poker though, but I think after a few hours drinking beers tonight we may change his mind. LOL! His younger brother is in Iraq with the marines right now so I know that bothers him some. I am sick and tired about Iraq. There is only ONE solution to that place, and that is to level the whole thing. We've got enough ammo and bombs to just flatten that whole shithole. This way we don't endanger any more American lives, and we can just get rid of a bunch of worthless ragheads at the same time. Pete says we should turn it all into a big parking lot and build a Disneyworld there! LOLLOL!! I couldn't agree more. Anyway, I know Derrick needs a good night on the town, and we're gonna give it to him.

And if he wakes up tomorrow morning a new poker player don't blame me! LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Strategy to Pro

After talking to Keith again yesterday after work, he seems like he really wants to start getting serious about poker like I am. He was asking me all kinds of questions, but the one that really made me think was: Why do you think you're so much better than everyone else?

This did make me think. He said that the books I have, anybody can get and read. And the places I play at, anyone can play at too. The thing I told him was that some people are just naturals at things. Muhammad Ali was a natural boxer. Denny Crum and Rick Pitino are naturals when it comes to coaching basketball. I think that I'm a natural poker player. I was born to be a card player. When I sit down to play against people I know that the only way I'm not going to be winning the whole thing is if some fish sucks out on me. But that's fine. Fish and tourists suckout, but in the long run if I play right I WILL WIN. I tried to explain to him that if you're serious about poker you have to treat it like one big session. That's what pros do, and if you want to play as good as a pro you have to start acting like they do. Pros have to start somewhere. Do you think Phil Hellmuth or Phil Ivey just woke up one day and walked into the casino and started winning millions? Of course not. They started out playing games against their friends, and then they went to the local casinos, and they played online. When they got good enough and built up a bankroll big enough they moved to Vegas and started taking money from all the tourists. Then their bankrolls got so big they could start playing all the $10,000 tourneys. And, people, all it takes is to win one of those, and you're set.

There is a strategy to becoming a pro. There is a strategy and tons of tips and pointers that you can learn to help your game, but there is also a strategy to becoming a pro. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it is. Me and Keith talked about this for almost five hours! LOL!! I think I've got him hooked now too. We went to the bookstore on the way home, and he picked up Phil's book, and Super System 2. I told him that's the best start you could get.

After I got home I logged onto Poker Stars and played at the NL$100 table. I bought in for $100 (Tip: Always buy in for the most). I like buying in for the most, but I also like to sit at the table where there is already one or two guys with a lot more than the $100. This way there is already someone there to double you up when you get a hand. What good is it to get a hand if the guy in the pot with you only has a $20 stack? I played for about an hour and was only down $10 before the ex called. I told her that I was going to change my number, and get it unlisted if she didn't stop calling me to bitch. I cannot stand listening to women bitch. Me and Tommy swore off women last summer, because we finally figured out that they're not good for anything except bitching like a deep fried whore. Hell, if you can cook burgers and beans who needs em anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still like to get laid at the bars, so don't think I'm turning queer. LOL!!

We're still pretty proud of our Steelers. Crystal told me that Cody wore his Bettis jersey to school Monday AND Tuesday. LOL!! That's my boy!! I'm gonna try to get us tickets to at least one Pittsburgh game this season. We'll probably try to get tickets to the game when they come to Cincy too since that's close.

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I don't care. It's a good place for me to vent, and its also a good place to track my journey to becoming a pro one day.

May all your pots be fat and juicy like mine!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Prayers Answered

Yes, there is a God.
Not that I ever doubted it, but yesterday ranks as the #2 day in the history of my life. Behind the birth of my son.
The other Steeler championships were great as well, but I wasn't old enough to enjoy them to there fullest.

You may think it's cheesy, but yes I did pray to God for a title. And it worked. Guess what too? Yup, I won the first ever Super Bowl poker tourney at Pete's. Was there any doubt? LOL!!!

The best part of the poker tourney was when it got down to the final two I played against a Seahawks fan and kicked his ass so bad!! I didn't even know there were gonna be any Seahawks fans there, but one of the guys Pete works with brought his brother who says he's a big fan. We got really drunk because we started dedicating shots to all the Steelers, and about every third one was dedicted to either Bettis or Cowher. Except I kept dedicating mine to the man Hines Ward. Every time. Every single time it was my turn to dedicate the shot, it went to Hines Ward. And guess who got Super Bowl MVP? Yep! LOL!! I had the jersey on too. Now tell my my prayers are a joke?!! Haha! Seriously, I was talking to the guys after the game, and this may be the best team in history. Here's why. They have a top 3 coach in the history. NUFF SAID. I don't think you can even argue that. Bettis is a top 5 RB. Big Ben will go down as a top 3 Quarterback in history when it's all said and done. Mark my words. Guaranteed. Hines Ward is the best WR in the game right now. You can say TO or Moss, but where are they? Exactly. Sitting at home on their black asses. Troy Palomalu is the best defender in the NFL. Ask Payton Manning. And let's not even forget about Fast Willie Parker and Antwan Randle El. I'd put this team up against any ever.

We had 14 players in the tourney, and we settled on $30 buy-in. Pete wanted winner take all, but I got it so that top 2 paid. I wish I would've let Pete have his way now LOLLOL!!! Anyway, it kinda sucked because Pete and Tommy kept telling all the others that I was some kind of pro because I had studied and I play poker almost every single day. This is not good, and I told them about it before we started. At the table if you're a good player, you want everyone to think your bad. If people think I'm a bad player, which I guarantee that I am not, they will call me when they think I don't have much but I'll have the goods.

The best hand of the night was when we got down to the final 4. The Seahawks fan (Chris), Me, Pete's cousin Rick, and Pete's nieghbor also named Rick. Niegnbor Rick had like 10 chips left so he went all in without even looking, I think he was on tilt because I just won a big pot off of him when the river gave me a flush. Anyway, the other Rick looks at his cards and calls. Chris looks down and goes all in. Guess what I had? Yup. Pocket Rockets. American Airlines (Thanks, Vince!) Of course I go all in too. Rick has to call and here's what we had.

Me: AA
Rick: 88
Chris: AJ
Rick: 62 - remember, he didn't even look.

The flop had a jack, so I started to get a little worried. Nothing else came, and I won a big pot. And 2 guys got knocked out. After we counted it up, Chris only had 40 chips left and the blinds were 20-40, so he barely had enough to cover it. I got him on the second hand after we got headsup. People started calling me a pro and stuff, and that felt pretty cool. I told them that I'm not a pro now, but one day I really plan to be. All it takes is hard work and a nack for the game. I have both of those going for me. It was also kind of cool because Tommy was rooting for me and kept calling me Never Bluff. People asked why he called me that and I told them why. It feels good to be respected at something you really love to do. And are pretty damn good at! LOL!!

So, I'm gonna get the CricketPro 800 and put it up in the garage which I'm going to convert to a gameroom when it gets warmer. Me and Keith are going to build a really nice poker table too. He's already got felt from his days as a pool table repair guy, and I've got a ton of scrap wood just laying around.

If you think its just coincidence that I won the tourney, the Steelers won the big game, and Hines won the MVP then you're wrong. Some people think its selfish to pray for sports, but I don't think so. Yesterday was a special day for the city of Pittsburgh and millions of fans around the world. It was a great day to spend with my son, and he also got to see his dad in action winning a poker tourney. I'm proud to say that I have faith both in the big man above, and also in Bill Cowher.

Now it's time to get back to playing online to keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. I don't have Cody this weekend, so I'm gonna have the guys over for a tourney Saturday I think. I plan to keep the winning streak alive.

Play Like a Champion Today

Friday, February 03, 2006

Fucking BULLSHIT !!!!

Check this out.

I'm playing online yesterday after work and I've got $65 at the NL$50 table. And I get pockets QQ. I raise it up to $2. I get 2 people to call and guess what the flop is?

Q 6 6

Bingo! The best part is the first guy bets, and the second guy goes ALL IN!!! LOL !!! I call, of course. The turn is a 6 and I know I'm beat. Sure enough he has the 4th 6 in his hand. But, the worst part was that he had a 3 with it and it wasn't even the same suit!!! These fucking TOURISTS piss me off so bad sometimes. He had $40 so instead of being over $110 I'm down to $20, and fucking pissed off. Poker can be such BULLSHIT sometimes. Seriously, I get QQ and flop a full house. Flopped it!! and, some dickhead tourist who plays 6-3 strikes gold and hits four of a kind.


One of the guys, Keith, is the one who thinks poker is all luck. Or mostly luck. I've been trying to tell him that there is luck in poker, but it's mostly skill. Hitting four of a kind with 6-3 is all luck don't get me wrong, but he'll go broke. That's the thing about tourists, they all end up broke. Keep playing like fish, boys and I'm gonna fry you up in my skillet. We got a big SuperBowl poker game this Sunday, and there's a chance we may play one tomorrow night. I already promised myself that when (there's no ifs in my vocabulary LOL!!!) the tourney, I'm gonna get the CricketPro 800 dartboard. I think I can talk the guy at the gamestore down to $250 which is well worth it.

I keep telling myself its all one big session, but its hard to when stupid fish make their hands. That guy had one out!! Well, sometimes they'll hit. I read where Jennifer Harmen said that the good players are the ones who can handle the beats. Well, I've kicked ass in pretty much everything I've done, and its true that the best shine when times are tough. I don't see any reason why I can't keep making good money playing poker.

Steelers are SBXL champs in 2 days.

Play Like a Champion Today.