Monday, March 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

I guess you could say I had an up and down weekend. Lots of shit went down, and it's really hard for me to put it alltogether. Of course I can't write about it all, but let's just say that I won my cricket tourney, and that I finished third in the poker tourney. We had 8 players and of course I got sucked out on. It never gets old LOL!

Also, I guess me and Kelly may be finished too. We got together Friday night and I took everyones advise and told her about Cody. It caught her pretty good by surprise, and get this, she also didn't know how old I was!! She said that I told her I was only 30 at the concert. I don't remember doing that but it could've happened because me and Tommy drank all day long. So, she was pissed about that, and kept on saying "If you lied about your age and waited to tell me about the boy that she would never know if I was lying or had something else to hide." I was pretty sad about the whole thing, but then realized that they're all the same. It would've ended sometime anyway soon because she just wasn't getting it. What do I have to hide I asked her? I told her I didn't want to hide anything because that's why I told her about Cody. I tried to keep dodging the subject of my age because I'm almost 40 and I told her I was 30. I probably thought I'd get away with it since at first I just thought she was a stupid chick who would believe me.

Anyway, so at least I still got poker !! LOL!! Like Tommy said too that there are other fish in the sea. We're just in Louisville and think about how many other girls are out there. We can pretty much go out and pick up chicks whenever we want and if we run out in Louisville we could always move LOL!! That's right. I asked her if she could ever see me again and she just said she didn't know for sure. I thought about it alot and I'd like to see her again, but if I don't it won't ruin me. She was hot, and she liked to party, and she was cool, but if it wasn't meant to be then that's that. If something is meant to be it will happen. That's just the way things work and I can't go and change them. We were at BW3 when we talked and my last words to her were "Well, if you see me winning a bracelet and a millon dollars on TV don't even try to come running back." I said it as kind of a joke, but not really. She just walked away. I always thought that having cool last words really means a lot. If it's with your dad, or your wife, or if you're dying I think that its important to have cool last words that mean something. I believe 100% in reincarnation, but that you live one life at a time. And your last words are like the last chapter in a book. It can't end perfectly unless you end them with perfect words.

The whole Kelly thing got me thinking the rest of the week, but it obviously didn't bum me out too bad because I won the cricket tourney and should have won the poker tourney. Poker really is like relationships because she was a hand that I called a raise with, but my river didn't help me. There was another big raise and I had to fold. Think about it. I've still got chips in front of me and I got plenty more hands to play. I also got plenty more girls to be with before its all said and done with. Life is a journey, and like I tell everyone It is one big session. You have to treat it like that or you'll go broke. What happens then? That's right. You got to move on to another game, or give up the game for good. I always try to keep chips on the table and make sure I have outs to get the nuts. You will always get paid off, but you can't get paid off if your broke and can't play the hand. Remember that.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kicking Ass.

Yup, that's been me lately.
So, I decided to take a day to myself yesterday so I cracked open some Buds and broke out the dartboard. We've got our first big cricket tourney here this weekend and I wanted to make sure I was practiced up.

So, what's your record for most bulls in a row?

Mine is now nine. And when I finally missed I hit three more in a row LOL!!

If I wasn't kicking so much ass playing poker I'd really think about trying to go pro playing cricket. The pay isn't as good though, and the players aren't nearly as famous. I just found out from my boss that our group (the one I'm the head of) is doing so good that we may branch out and start up in either Cincinnati or St. Louis. I would get a choice to go to either, but I'm not sure if I will. It's not for sure yet, and when it is for sure it won't happen for 6 months. I'd hate to leave all the guys even though it's not that far away. I also get a bonus if I decide to take the job in the other cities. That would be cool, but I'm really starting to fall in love with Louisville. I'm thinking some of that has to do with Kelly. I'm thinking about telling her about Cody this weekend when I give her the necklace. Part of me wants to tell her everything but I'm also scared she may leave if she finds out I have a kid. That's probably why I won't tell her. The way I figure it what she doesn't know won't kill her. Besides she'll find out one day down the road sooner or later I think I'd just rather have her more in love with me when she does. I can not lose this woman. She is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, and I would give up cricket and football and poker and everything to be with her. Okay, maybe not poker LOL!! Just kidding.

I played in 2 sitandgos last night on Doyle's. I was going to play another 45 person for Jordan's but didn't know how much time I had for sure, and it turned out I had enough time but didn't know it.

Do you ever have the choice to make like I did yesterday with cricket or poker? You really want to be the best at both and you feel that if you play one to practice to be the best your not giving your best at the other since your not playing it? That's the way I feel sometimes. I really want to be great at both, but sometimes I feel like I need to choose one if I want to become a master of it. That's why I chose poker months ago. Don't get me wrong I still love to play cricket and I'm still the best out of our group, and pretty much the best I've seen out of everyone who plays at our bar, but poker is really my thing. I've known this since I played my first hand. If it's special and meant to be you will just know it. I still remember when Kelly turned around to meet me at the Kid Rock concert and I talked to her. She completely blew me away with her smile and body. Without a doubt I know she is my soul mate.

And you can guarantee that when I win that bracelet and the cameras show me running into the crowd she'll be the one there cheering me on. I just know it.

Life couldn't get any better right now because my poker game is as good as it's ever been and I really feel like I'm one of the best out there not just at Doyles but wherever I play. Like I said you really have to act and play like a true champion if you want to be a champion. I know one thing and that's I wouldn't want to play me in poker LOL! Unless your scared of poker chips because I will take them from you and make things right !! Thanks for everyone who isn't hating in the comments, I really feel like if we're all serious about going pro its going to take help from each other. It's a long journey, but if we stay focused I know we will make it.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Winning Streak

I guess you could say that I'm a winning streak.
I'm starting to build up a pretty good relationship with Kelly and we're going on our third date this weekend, and get this, she said for our fourth date she'd go to Ceaser's with me. That's right.

Poker has been very nice to me lately. The games at Doyles are a gold mine and I've already moved up to NL$100. Last night I played at a 100NL table and was only there for 30 minutes when I hit pockets 88 and tripped them up on the flop. The guy caught his king and bet the pot. There were two hearts and I didn't want him to suck out so I raised all-in. He called and I got his entire stack. Not less than 5 minutes later I get pocket rockets, that's right, and this guy raises before the flop. I don't want him going anywhere so I just reraise the minimum. The flop comes with a King, and without thinking he just goes all in. If you read my post yesterday I said he could've hit his trips and if he would have I would go broke. I called with my AA and he had Ace-King and went broke again. He said in the chat that I was a lucky SOB, but that's the thing you get lucky sometimes. I didn't suck out on him, but getting pockets that hold up can be lucky. I had $392 when I got up and that my friends is a good session for less than one hour of work LOL!

If you want to really know where luck comes into play you have to do what I've been saying and that's to treat each session as part of the BIG session. The day you finally take up poker that's the beginning of your long session. You will get sucked out on, because that just happens when you play with the tourists at Doyles and Stars. But, getting sucked out on will get canceled out by all the times your pockets hold up like my AA did. When that cancels out all you have left is pure poker playing. And that's where you decide the winners and losers. It really does seem simple to put it that way but it's the truth. All the greats have suckouts, and all the greats get lucky sometimes when their hands hold up. But what makes them great? That's right, everything in between. And they are focused.

If you want to watch a real tournament player in action come see me at Stars. I won't post my name because I don't want the entire world taking notes, but you can find it if you go to Jordan's 45 SNG page. People there are more fish at Stars than in the entire ocean. Once Doyle's dries up that's where I'll be heading for most of my poker.

Poker tournament Saturday in the garage, and our first ever Cricket tourney right after. I don't like to make predictions, but everyone knows I'm the favorite to win both. I'm making my uncle's chili, and Tommy is bringing over 100 wings from BW3. One hundred!! That's right, that's how we do it.

Friday night is just me and my girl. I picked her up a necklace at the mall jewrly store yesterday after work and I plan to give it to her at dinner Friday. I'm also thinking about writing something maybe a poem, but I'll admit I'm kind of nervous about that. Anyway, I think she'll like the necklace, or at least I hope she does. You should see this girl smile. I get tears in my eyes when she smiles it is so beautiful.

Don't forget about the tits either because this girl is LOADED. LOL!!! I may be a softie at heart, but when it comes to the bedroom it's all fireworks. What's right is right and when I'm on my game let me tell you something, they always come back for more. So yeah, I'm pretty much looking forward to this weekend. Kelly, poker, darts, BW3 wings, and more March Madness. Now tell me that prayers don't get answered LOL!

I hope all your wings are fat and juicy like mine LOL!
I hope all your bullseyes are open and clean like mine LOL!
I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine too!!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Making it Right

Okay so I haven't been on here for a little while, but that's because some serious shit went down last weekend. It's not something at all that you could blog about either so I won't. Let's just say it got really ugly around here, and it involved one visit to the police station and two visits to the hospital. Lucky for me I was mostly just a spectator, but Cody got to see some shit that could end up with a scar on his brain forever.

And that's what you get folks when you mix dumb bitches with alcohol. Bottom line, you get a dumb ass bitch around alcohol and all hell will break loose. I'm sick of it already, and I've said it more than once. Especially when that dumb ass bitch is nuttier than squirrel shit like Jess.

Enough of that, let's just say it ruined a weekend that should've been great. Anyway, I did get to watch a lot of basketball, and I'll tell you who I like right now is Wichita State. I would put them up agains anybody.

And also, has anyone been keeping up with my 45 person sitandgo challenge Jordan put together? I'm in 2nd place, but I've played 3 less than the leader. I started out just playing the $5 to see what was going on, and I was right. Full of tourists. So, I got a bit nosey, and decided to step it up and play a $10. Guess what? Yup, same old tourists. I got third place but only after another suckout. It was cold here last night and all I had on was my sweatpants and hooded jacket but I was so pissed I walked around outside for 15 minutes. I worked off some anger on the bag in the garage too, and that usually settles me down. It would've been an easy victory, and I overcame it by once again telling myself it's just one long session. You think Phil Ivey or Hellmuth or Joe Hachem never got sucked out? The answer is to do whatever it takes to keep your mind off of it, and then get back to the table. A lot of people probably don't realize that the movie Rocky was based on a true person, and if you watch every time Rocky gets knocked down, he starts to think about what got him there. That's the key. If you think about just the moment, then you will stay on tilt and go broke. You have to think about what got you there and where you play to go. Rocky always got up and finished off his opponent, and that's what you have to do at poker.

I still have the same strategies at the 45 sitandgo, and they are pretty simple. People, you may think these are silly tips, but follow them and watch your wallet grow. The proof is in the pudding, and go look at Jordan's site. He makes you email him when you start and also take a printscreen when you finish. The numbers don't lie, and it's easy to see I know what I'm doing.

1. Start slow. There is no reason to bet all of your chips early on no matter what. Of course if I have aces or flop trips I'll get my chips in there and if I get sucked out well that just happens. But there is no reason to bet your chips especially if you get raised. Chances are he's got aces or he just flopped trips.

2. Build up with the blinds. The blinds keep going up, so you need to make sure your stack does the same. If you notice someone who doesn't play their blinds I will raise them and steal their chips. Don't believe me? Come watch me play, a lot of people only play good hands, and if they don't have them in there blinds they will give you there chips.

3. Slow back down when you get near the end. Only 7 places pay, and only 7 spots count on Jordan's challenge. If there are only 11-12 people left there is no reason to make a mistake here and go broke. There are still tourists left in the tourney and they will go broke in front of you.

4. Cash and build up. Once you get the money or make the points in a challenge like Jordan's you can build back up. This will give you the chips to make a run for the championship.

5. Dodge suckouts! LOL!! Just kidding, but it helps.

Anyway, you can see these tips, and they work. The numbers don't lie, and you'll all be kicking yourself in a couple years when you see me with the bracelet on tv. Keep on hating and leaving comments with no names and talking about me not being Christian, and how I'm a bad father.


This is a poker journal blog, and I'm a winning poker player building my way towards pro, and also working on a dream to be the World Champion. Either shut up, or catch the next train to Louisville. I'd be happy to break you down like a shotgun and feed you full of blue vein. Keep all women away from Jack Daniels too LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Weekend Fireworks

That's right. Big weekend here for all of us. And the best part of it all is that my weekend starts TODAY! lOL! I'm leaving work along with Derrick, Lance, Michelle, and Troy to go to BW3 to start watching March Madness. And to top it off we got March Madness tomorrow then we are going out for Saint Patricks.

Oh, and if you're not keeping up with Jordan's 45man SNG challenge I'm 3 for 3. That's right. The players at Pokerstars are finding out why they call me Neverbluff, and I'm in the money every single time. So far I got a 2nd, 6th, 6th. People need to recognize that I'm where I need to be and that my game is as good as anyone's out there. Anyway, if you like free money the 45 sng are free money.

Here's the main reasons this is one of the top weekends of the year.

1. March Madness
2. Saint Patricks
3. I get Cody this weekend
4. March Madness LOL!
5. 45 sng free money
6. Poker tourney saturday
7. Kelly

I think Kelly is coming out with Jennifer (Tommy's chick) to meet us Friday for St. Patricks. This is going to get fun. Believe me. Tommy wants to do a 2-on-2 with the girls but I told him that normally that'd be sweet, but I'm really liking Kelly and she may be the one. So yeah, she means that much to me right now. But you got to start small, and then build up. You also have to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. Sound familiar? Yup LOL!! I told you it was just like poker.

Anyway this weekend is going to be great with all the hoops. But we will be missing our Cardinals, but I know we'll be there next year. We have bracket tourneys at work and I've got Uconn beating Duke in the finals. I also have Pittsburgh (my home team) and Oklahoma in the final 4. Bracket tourneys are the best, and I'm usually one of the top finishers every year.

I'm going to play one more 45sng then off to BW3!! I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine !!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sometimes you just got it.

Yup, that's the way I've felt for the past week now.
I didn't win the DADI last night mostly because I don't play 6 handed much, and also because I was on the phone most of the night with guess who? That's right. Kelly. My goodness this girl has the goods.

It also felt good to just get knocked out of the tourney regular, and not be sucked out on like usual. I can't remember the guy but I had a short stack and had to move all in with Ace-Queen and he had pockets KK.

It was fun, I got to play with Joe Speaker who is one of my favorites. He's pretty good at poker, and he had a big stack all night. I doubt he reads here, but anyway, it was fun to play with him. Got to chat with some fans of my blog who really like the strategy and tips I've been putting up, and then there were the regular haters. Mostly Struggle Bogey, the joke. How pathetic are you when you bust out of a tourney and then you go give shit to someone still in it? Fucking loser, and I think it goes back to his homelife. He's probably depressed, or something LOL! Anyway, maybe if you spend more time playing poker and not stupid comic strips then you'd be able to play above penny limit. And don't come on my comments challenging me like every other Nickel Nancy, because I'd really hate for you to take out that fourth mortgage on your trailer LOL! And do yourself a favor, go feed that blue vein to your wife. She's starving for some. If you don't, I will and then it's all over, bud.

Anyway, people that hate drive me nuts. Don't say I'm not a Christian or that I'm a bad father because you don't even know. Come to my house and see. I've got a bible on my table, and I've got a cross with my Savior on it right next to my wood stove. Why don't you take up Morman or some other stupid shit.

So yeah, it's good to have someone like Kelly really getting into NeverBluff. And let me tell you, she's GOT THE GOODS. I don't plan on washing my pillow because I can still smell her on it and it smells like Magic. This may be the one folks. And she loves Texas Holdem !! LOL! Talk about that, we could be living together in Vegas one day taking tourist money and building our nest egg to sit on a beach somewhere. That's what I was talking about when I said that you have to stay focused and build up. Poker is just like relationships. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you keep your eye on the prize your ship will come in. I promise. I've been there and I've seen it happen.

Anyway we're going out with Derrick and two of his friends. One of them came out with us on Derrick's birthday and we gave him a rash of shit all night long because he kept drinking Fosters beer on ice ! LOL!! We called him the Iceman, but it wasn't meant to be cool. He's kind of a hard ass I think, but he likes Dale Jr. and the Louisville Cardinals so I can't hate on him too much. It really made me think back to when I first got to Louisville, and I knew a guy I worked with who drank beer with ice in it. Like only 6 months later he got arrested for child molesting two boys in his kid's boy scout group. I think he's still in jail, but I'm not sure. He should be, and everytime I see some tourist drinking ice beer I think of that dumbass. So, if you ever see soemone with ice in his beer it may be a good idea to run LOL!

It feels good to be back on top of the world. People can hate all they want, but if you lived my life you wouldn't worry much. The gameroom is almost set up, the Steelers are champs, I am working my way to pro, and now I've got Kelly. What's right is right and this is the day that the Lord has made! LOL

I've got some things I'm going to put together for a no limit hold em post. This will not be tourney poker, but regular. I've been playing the $100NL at Doyle's and if it keeps up I'll be able to send Cody to Harvard if he wants LOL!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Weekend

Let me tell you something, there couldn't have been more Buds drank LOL!!
I think me and Tommy figured it at almost 4 cases total.

And yes, I got laid.

About damn time too! LOL! This girl has the goods, and she's all about NeverBluff. And it worked out just like I thought it would. Tommy got the ass too, but that's no surprise.

We taught them how to play no limit texas hold'em the right way. Like I always say What's right is right. And that's how it is. We had a tourney at Pete's yesterday for the March Madness selection party. Our boys didn't get in, but we can always root against Kentucky! Go UAB LOL!!

Anyway, of course I ended up winning the tourney. I got down to headsup with Keith again. I think that's the last two times now. I finished him when my pockets 33 made trips and he hit his King high flop. Sometimes you just got it, and this last weekend goes down as one of the best ever. My new girl's name is Kelly and she is HOT! We're set up for another date Thursday, and I think I'm gonna take her out for some hot wings at our local wing place, BW3 and we'll watch some tourney basketball.

So, I guess I could've came on here and talked about all the haters leaving comments. Even Duggle came back for some more. You'd think he would've learned after I smacked him down a little bit, but it doesn't surprise me that he didn't. Go get stuffed DuggleFogey, and take Donna's fat ass with you. You can hate all you want, but when it comes down to it, NeverBluff will always win. That's why they all call me NeverBluff, because I've always got the goods. I had the goods all weekend long, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.

If you want to keep hating, send me an email. I'll see if I can work you into my busy schedule and let you gag on my blue veiner. I've got more than plenty to go around, and I love to share LOL!!

Until then, why not read some of my tips to build to a pro player. You may actually learn something.

I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine! (Thank you, Kelly!)

Play Like a Champion Today.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Tips for Building to Pro

Okay, it's been awhile, and after some comments and things I think it's time to get back to our bread and butter. Poker tips and strategy. This time I'm not going to talk about playing hands, but I'd like to discuss the things I've put down as my personal tips on how to climb up the poker ladder and one day make pro.

I don't think our headsup with Jordan is going to end up happening since he's been so busy lately, but I decided to join his 45 person tourney challenge. I only recognized two of the players so I think I should probably be one of the top favorites.

Anyway, of course, I've got the goods. As usual.

1. Start small. This may seem obvious, but if you ask Hellmuth or Ivey or Raymer they will all tell you that they started small. Think about it. If you start big by playing $10,000 no limit, then why would you even want to go pro? LOL! I started with $200 in my pokerstars account. I put about $150 into Doyle's and Full Tilt. Right now Doyle's is really my favorite because it is just full of tourists. And that's where you want to play. If there are fish everywhere, you can start small, and build up.

2. Build up. Be careful not to spend all of your stash on one tourney, or to play at a table where if you lose your stack you'll go broke. I started out playing NL$25, and have moved up to NL$50 and NL$100. My goal is to be playing the $200 and higher games by early summer. This would put me at my final goal of playing $1000 and higher by next winter. Even if you only make half your stack at these tables that's $500. And if you multiply $500 by 300 you get $150,000. That's right, the big bucks. And notice I only multiplied it by 300, so that means I get 65 days off. Can you say vacation?

3. Stay strong. Do NOT lower your guard at any level. Even if you lose a bit at the higher levels and have to go back down, you have to stay strong. When I first went up to $50 I lost for a week straight and almost went broke. I got down to $75 left and went back to $25NL and stayed strong. I built it back up and moved up again. Sometimes you have to take one step back if you want to take more forward. I'm marching forward stronger than ever right now. It's also important I think to take some losses. Now, don't go out and lose on purpose, but if you know what it's like to lose, it will teach you how to deal with it. I've talked about it before but this is all one session, and if you want to be a champion you can't get too high or too low.

4. Stay focused. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you have to stay focused. Every person has a different light, and mine is to win a bracelet. Most people is to get rich, and the way I look at it, if I win a bracelet I will be rich too! So, I guess you can say I'm going to get the best of both worlds. The goal is to be on a beach sipping umbrella drinks while your gold World Champion bracelet shines in the sun. Not everyone will get there. It takes focus more than anything. That and determination.

5. Never Give Up. The second you give up your journey is over. Think about all the drills you had to do in high school. Wind sprints, suicides, tackle drills, death valleys, and all the stuff that would practically kill you. We all know now it only makes you better. Like the saying if it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger. Same thing with poker. Play more hands, win some and lose some, and learn. Once you give up it's over. Remember that.

Those are my main five tips that I have on my desk. Before I sit down to play I read them over one at a time.
1. Start Small.
2. Build Up.
3. Stay Strong.
4. Stay Focused.
5. Never Give Up.

It's funny because if you read what I've been talkign about lately you can use these points for almost anything. When I read these I could also use them for relationships. Just think about it. You want to start small with getting to know someone. Then you want to build up your foundation with them. You need to stay strong to show them your character. Stay focused on where you want the relationship to go, and NEVER GIVE UP. That Step 5 is the most important. I can't stress it enough.

If you have anything about your poker steps to becoming a big time player, you can share them with me. I shared these because I think they will help, and it also doesn't actually tell anyone what hands I play or how I play them so they can't use that against me LOL! Anyway, if you'd like to share that's cool. If not that's okay too, I just think that's how we'll all grow together. Who knows there may be a few of us drinking those umbrella drinks with our bracelets LOL!

I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


After reading a really good comment from Bloody P yesterday about poker and relationships I started to really think about poker. And you know what? Poker is like a lot of things in life, and it is a lot like life itself. You have to have faith, and I think anyone who doesn't have faith, especially in the Lord is walking down the wrong path. You may be forgiven if you look unto Him, but if it's what you're trying to do by not having faith, then is just forgiveness all you really want?

Having faith that the river card will give you a flush so you can win a big pot can be helpful. Especially if it's for the World Championship LOL and 5 million dollars LOL! But, not everyone will make their river flush. Some people will miss it, and then they'll try to bluff at it, and get called and lose the pot. That's the way life is too. Sometimes you have to bluff, but you will get caught and then you'll have to pay the piper. I talked with Tommy and Keith about this last week, and Tommy came over last night to try out the new dartboard and we talked. Life isn't all about trying to bluff, or having faith that the river will give you a flush. Life is one long session, and if you play it like a poker game you will have ups and downs for sure, but in the end if you can't get forgiveness for your bluffs then is it all worth it? Tommy made a real good point about life being like poker especially when you're feeling low and down and out. That's when you don't have a lot of chips and your looking to double up. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don't. The thing is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you stay focused you will get there. This applies to our Cardinals and Rick Pitino this year. I have prayed for him, and I know he has faith. He is probably the best NCAA coach right now, and a lot of it is because he treats each game as a poker tournament, and the season is a session. His whole coaching career is the big long session, and that's why it's important for him to not get so high or not get so low. That's why the greats are world champs. Can you name a time Raymer or Joe Hachem got low in the last two tourneys? That's right, you can't. And it's not because they didn't, it's just because of how they adjusted to deal with it. They stayed focused on the task at hand, and now they're both millionares and world champions. I have what it takes too, and it also helps to have faith.

Family is important, and my last trip to Pittsburgh proved that. I tried to tell my dad who is 74 that life is all one big session, and I could tell deep down inside that he believed me. He's seen a lot more than I have, but for a 38 year old, I think I've seen as much as anyone. I've seen the birth of my son, and I've seen God himself. I don't usually talk about it, but I've spoken to Him directly. He exists, and that gets me back to the point about people asking for forgiveness. Life is full of going all in, or bluffing when your river card doesn't come, because sometimes that's what you have to do if you want to win the pot. People don't call me NeverBluff for nothing, but I have bluffed before. In life, in relationships, in darts, in poker. That's just how it goes. At night I'll pray and ask for forgiveness, and I will get it. Because I believe. And it's just not believing in God or believing in Rick Pitino or Denny Crum, or Phil Ivey or believing that Tommy is really getting those girls to meet us Friday LOLLOL!!! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don't, you won't have what it takes. And you won't be a true champion in the end.

And if you're not trying your best to be a true champion then what the hell are you doing? To be a champion you have to act like one, and you have to play like one. Having faith will get you there, but it's also faith in yourself.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good Night

Funny how almost always a good night will follow up bad night isn't it?
It wasn't a good poker night because I didn't play any but everything else fell right into place.

I got to the bar, and got a great surprise. Pete was out with the boys. Now if you don't know already ever since Pete got together with Jess he hasn't done much. He hosts poker games alright, but let's just say he doesn't get out much anymore. Well, according to Pete him and Jess are officially over. He threw her stuff out in the yard while she was at work and the best part was that it rained all day. So, get this, all of her clothes are soaked, and just covered in mud. He said he was after the bar going home and going to piss all over them too, but I don't know if he did (Pete answer your phone LOL!!!!)

Anyway, so Pete says it's an occasion and we order some Jim Beam to go with the Buds. A match made in heaven if you ask me. Of course some hot wings and some burgers would be nice too, but hey we aren't greedy LOL!

Tommy had his cell phone out all night calling the girls from Kid Rock, and it looks like we're meeting them both out Friday night. The one that I'm supposed to get is only 23!!! So, yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. I told Tommy we should try to teach them poker so that we could show off a little, and maybe play some cricket. Yup, that's right. I got the board yesterday. I'm putting it up tonight, and having the guys over for the first ever NeverBluff Cricket Open tomorrow night. I'm the favorite to win it, and I don't plan to take it easy. Nobody likes losing on there own turf. We talked about women most of the night. Pete seemed to really be living it up, but the rest of us have seen him like this before. They break up about once a month and it's always for good they say. I do know that everytime they break up Pete gets good and drunk. He tries to hit on everyone too. The waitress that Tommy got pissed at us was working last night. She's not mad at us anymore, mostly because of Tommy's charm. You just can't stay mad at that guy. He's been like this since I moved here.

I won all three tourneys. The last one Tommy was only out of me by 50 points, and he had the 16s tapped before I did. He just kept hitting them. Of course anytime he got close I'd just hit a couple bulls. I can hit them on command pretty much, and that's my main strategy. Darts are a lot like poker too. Once you know your oppenent, and you know how he plays you can use that to your advantage. It's not one big session with darts though. It's a bunch of small sessions and each game is its own small session. There's a lot less luck in darts too, so if you've got the goods you can pretty much take are of business. That's why I'm so tough to beat at cricket. Keith said I should start a journal called Cricket Champ, and everyone laughed. I know they were just kidding but I could. There's less strategy to cricket, but once you know the game and your opponents you can really do some damage.

We kept making poker jokes all night last night about Pete. Telling him he should bluff or call or raise with Jess. The best part of the night was when he said that he put her all in and he put her clothes all OUT !!! LOLOLOL!! I tell you what I damn near pissed myself on that one. That's the thing about relationships that's just like poker. If you know the other person's game you can play to it. Relationships can be one big session too, and you have to keep telling yourself that. Sometimes there are bad beats too, but if you can find the light at the end of the tunnel, and you have the stomach to deal with the good and the bad, then your ship will come in. I know because I've been there. If you let your guard down then they will find out your weaknesses and take advantage of them. This is the time when dedication and hard work will prove whether or not you are a champion. The true champions will move on to fight another day, and the ones who aren't cut out to play, well they get to go home. It's a tough game, and as long as you know it's one session and that you can't get too high or too low, I think your ship will come in, and you can take that final step to becoming a true champion. It's a long journey, and you have to be willing to work long hours at it, but it's worth it. Believe me.

Okay, so that's how poker and relationships can be seen the same. I've lost some hands in the past, but I still have chips.

I have a world championship trophy too, and that's my boy. Cody is the world to me, and he always will be. The Lord blessed me with the best kid any father could ever ask for and I've promised Him I will raise my boy to the best of my abilities.

This also takes hard work, but it's a journey and my ship will sail.

The best part is that all of it will be paid for with poker. That's the beauty of this wonderful game, and I can't get over it. I smile everytime I think about becoming a World Champion, and I've already got a spot on my left wrist reserved for that bracelet LOL!!

Play Like a Champion Today. (Whether it's darts, relationships, or poker)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bad Night

Yeah, it was one of those nights.

It's one of the nights where the most important thing is that you have to keep telling yourself that it's all one big session. Life is just one big long session as well, and I think that if we all take it to heart we'll be better people in the long run. Some things can be brought to light if you look hard enough, and if you do find what it is that you were looking for then it was worth it to know that it's all one big session. Poker is the exact same way LOL!

I took some horrible beats last night form people playing tourist hands like queen-ten and king-seven. Let's just say that I had Ace-King against the guy and he hit his seven on the river. I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't pissed off. I clinched my fists so hard that if anything would've been in it I would've have crushed it down to the molecule. My right knuckles are skinned to the bone and I can hardly type right now because I took out my aggression on the heavy bag without ANY gloves. I just had to remind myself that it's all one session, and how you recover from tourist bad beats is what will make you a champion. People get pissed and that's just human nature. Look at Hellmuth and Matusaow. They get pissed but it's how they recover so easily is what makes them great.

After those beats I decided to play a sit and go. I stepped up to a $50 +5 which is one or two levels higher than I played but I wanted to test my recovery. Sure enough I get a real hand with ace-queen and the flop comes Q88. I raised it 3 big blinds preflop so it was tough for me to think anyone would stay on an eight. I had two guys in the pot, and one of them bet into me. I called and the other guy folded. The turn was a Jack, and the guy checked. I checked, adn the river was a two or a three. I can't remember. The guy checks and I bet, and he goes all in. Can he have an 8 and play it this way? I don't believe him and I call. He doesn't have the 8 but he has nine-ten and got his straight. I got like 100 chips left and push it on the next hand with pockets 33. The guy hits an ace and I'm done. Not five minutes after that guess who calls me? Yup Crystal.

I know some people don't like me talking about my personal life and that their here for the poker strategy. So, I won't get deep. Let's just say that the real life sucks. And this isn't Real Life Champ this is Poker Champ website LOL!!

Anyway Crystal's "man" left her and said he wasn't coming back so she calls ME to cry about it. I can't stand the woman, and the only time I talk to her is about Cody so I'm not sure why she called me. Why not call her mom and sister like she always did when we were engaged? Fucking half baked cunt, I told her to get fucked and that if my kid was in trouble to let me know. He's not, so I told her to get fucked. I'm sick of it! She needs help. Big time, and I told her that. She can't be forgiven until she forgives herself, and if she doesn't want help, she won't get it.

Anyway, like I said this isn't Real Life Champ LOL! So, the poker took a dive last night, and that usually means a big win is around the corner. Cricket tonight, and I'm going to drink the place out of Budweiser!! When your down and out nothing tastes better than a cold beer. Maybe I can talk them all into a poker game too!

May all your pots be fat and juicy like mine!!!

Play Like a Champion Today.

Monday, March 06, 2006


What a weekend!!
I was going to post on Saturday, but we picked up right where we left off and started hitting the Budweiser before noon. The weather was nice so Tommy and Pete came over and we started to work on the garage. The dartboard is due in any day now, so we wanted to be ready. I still have a lot of work to do as far as cleaning, but that's mostly because we were drunk by dinner! LOL!

Only thing I got to say about Friday night is WOW! If you ever get a chance to see Kid Rock DO IT! Like I said Tommy was a big fan and he's the one who brought me along to win that poker tourney which I did quite easily. Now, I'm a big fan too. The guy is simply amazing. I would definitely say he is one of the best performers living today. I won't go into too much detail either, but let's just say that Tommy ended up making a couple female friends at the show too. I told you he was a lady's man. He got a phone number, and we're supposed to go out sometime this week or this coming weekend. The brown headed one which is the one I'll get is hot too! My guess is that she's probably 25 years old, but man did she have a set of tits. WOW! Anyway, I'm hoping that turns out good. Tommy told her that everyone called me NeverBluff which was pretty cool too. I had to explain to her that I was a poker player, and that one day soon I'll be playing for a living. She thought that was really cool, and said that her brother taught her to play. I think that may be my next move. Show her the tips and really let her know what I know about the game. Chicks love it when you know something they don't. I could see this becoming really big, so please pray for me if you can. Poker Pays AGAIN!!

I spent all day yesterday working on my house and garage. I ran another phone line to the garage so that I could play poker there if I wanted while we were playing cricket. Should be pretty cool. I also wired up some extra lights in the garage so we'll be able to play at night with no worries. Man, I still can't get over how good that concert was. Nickelback is coming March 25th and we're all planning to go. Tommy thought it would be a great idea to take the girls we met at Kid Rock, and I think that would be great idea.

I played a little last night at Doyle's because my FullTilt was messed up for some reason. Doyle's is FULL of tourists just willing to give money away. This may be my new main site for awhile. I played a hand last night that still makes me wonder. I had $80 at a No Limit (of course) and I raised it with Ace-Queen both hearts. I got two callers and the flop came all hearts. One guy bet to me and I called (didn't want to run him off) and the last guy raises!! LOL! The first guy folds and I go all-in. He calls and he has nine of hearts and ten of clubs. He had a flush draw, and a straight draw both but it didn't matter. I had the goods. So, I left Doyle's after only playing 45 minutes up about 100.

One thing you should know about me is that I don't like fighting if I don't have to. Sometimes you just have to, but if it's not the case then don't. If you go back a few postings of mine and read comments, and especially the last posting you can see our good friend C.L. Russo. Bottom line, he made a bet with me and lost. Instead of paying it, he challenges me to a five cent poker game which is limit even! LOL!! I asked him to pay up, and he says I'm a coward. Ummm, okay. That's why I'm playing Jordan in a headsup? Ummm, that's why I played against the females, all of them are ten times better than you? Get ahold of yourself. I'm not going to waste my time playing nickel poker with you because it's just not worth it. When I drop a nickel on the ground I don't even bend over to pick it up. It's just not worth my time. I'm not going to fight anymore on comments with you because you're just plain stupid. I'm not sure how someone like you can actually pride yourself on being a coward and a penny player, but you are. I feel sorry for your parents and your kids. Grow up. And, please for the love of God Himself, go away.

There are people out there than can help you CL Russo.
I will pray for you, and I will ask others to do so as well. You can keep reading here if you want, and I think you should. Learn from me, and you will move up in limits. Maybe someday when people look at you they will see a champion too!! LOL!!

I also ask for people to look above to ask for help for my Rick Pitino and our beloved Cardinals. It's a tough time right now for them but I think we can be okay if we continue to work towards perfection. Basketball is just like poker. You have to be dedicated, and you have to carry yourself like a champion at all times. You also have to know your opponent.

I hope all your pots are fat and juicy like mine!!

Oh, and guess what? I'm going to Florida next week for a conference, and work is paying for it!!! That's right, sometimes you just got it.

Play Like a Champion Today.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Short and Sweet

Just a few things as I inch my day closer to rocking out Freedom Hall with Kid Rock tonight. ROCK !!

First of all thinking over the Chicks vs. Champ poker tourney and the things I've read. It really shows how stupid most bloggers are when they say I'm a dumbass for getting sucked out as a 90% favorite. The hate can obviously be explained as jealousy. Tired of dealing with your kids or your mouthy ass wife? Is your job busting your balls a bit too much? Whatever, some tourist hits a miracle on me and you want to tell me I don't know shit about poker. That's fine. It makes about as much sense as it does for you dumbshits to keep playing with real money online.

I work hard on my game. If I don't get sucked out by miracles, I win. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. I respect Maudie's game, and she was one of the first poker blogs that I started reading. I have her linked up too. So, there, you can stick that in your asses. You think I don't like women? That's totally untrue. All I've said, and all I'll ever say is that sometimes they get to running their traps and they need shut up. If it takes popping them one, then so be it. This is NO DIFFERENT than what I'd say about a man. If he has a lip problem and likes to disrespect, then he's gonna get popped too. It's called equality. Women want to fight wars and they wanted the right to vote out of EQUALITY. Where I'm from this is called a double-standard. Bottom line, if some drunk ass bitch is running her shit because she thinks she can't get put in her place, we'll she's going to be wrong sometimes. What's right is right.

Some guy came in my comments and said he's pay me $10 if I even showed up. C.L. Russo, I showed up and I still don't have your money. Nothing like being a welcher you fucking twit. For ten bucks? I got curious and went to his blog from his comments link. He plays 2cent-4cent poker. He can't even afford to bet $10. This is the first sign of someone having a true problem. Grow up, shithead. I don't even want your money. I wipe my ass with ten dollar bills.

Someone could do a pscological study on mob mentality with the online poker bloggers. I recognized some names, but I'll assume that all the haters were bloggers. Filled with hate. I've still got a big blue veiner for each of you. Drop me an email, and I'll stick you in my schedule. I've got plenty of blue vein for each of you pricks. You don't like how someone blogs and you gang up on him and try to run him out of town.

I got news for all of you.
I'm not going anywhere.

My game gets better every single night. And it will continue too. I take poker seriously, and I will be successful. That's just how it is. Some people have it in their genes, and it's those people who take it upon themselves to pursue it even further. Poker is a special game, and it isn't for everybody. There are other games out there, and I suggest that all you haters save your money and take up backgammon LOL!!


Play Like a Champion Today.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stick one in it!

That's right.

There were a ton of people at the tourney, too bad most of them were haters.
I knew what would happen, and it did. Either I win it, or I get sucked out on. I don't have the hand history, but there were plenty there to see me trap Miss Maudie, and watch her push in her chips needing runner runner. She got it and that's cool. I like Miss Maudie, I read her, and I've got her link up at Poker Perspectives. I left afterwards because I was kind of pissed again. As usual. I finished my beer, went out and hit the heavy bag for about 15 minutes, and then grabbed another beer.

I was supposed to play Jordan tomorrow night, but something came up.

Let's stick a big blue veiner in cancer tomorrow night. I got this email. Cancer has become a big part in my life, and I would like to knock the shit out of it.

Site: Noble Poker
Date: Thursday March 2nd, 2006
Buy-in: $10 + 1
Time: 7:30pm ET
Password: charity

Coupon code to use when registering (if you need to register an account): help4leah

A little about Leah, from Chad:

This tournament is being held to raise funds to help out my good friend Leah. On Tuesday February 7, 2006, Leah was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer. Medically, Ewing’s Sarcoma is best summed up as a cancerous tumor that attaches itself to a bone and destroys it. As I could not find Canadian statistics on this I will use USA stats. In the USA, there are only 150 new cases reported in a year. Of those 150 cases, only 9% affect Leah’s age group of 20 to 30 which is the oldest age group affected. Treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma includes chemo, radiation and surgery to remove the tumor.

On a more devastating note, this form of cancer can result in amputation of limbs or even death.

Leah is a vibrant, confident, caring, beautiful woman who would do anything for anyone of her friends. She is the exact type of person who does not deserve to be going through this. Leah lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and because of this, she needs to travel to Calgary, Alberta for treatment. Her boyfriend Barry will be going with her standing beside her through every thing. The costs of both of them being away from work and living in hotels in a completely different province will be substantial at best.

I couldn’t think of two more deserving and devoted friends who need our help. I want to personally thank you for joining this fundraising tournament to help my friend Leah through this difficult time. She really needs to focus on getting healthy and should not have to worry about the financial burden this will cause.

Play Like a Champion Today.


It was weird because last night Tommy was buying my Buds (thanks Tommy!) and he looked at me and said "How long do you think you'll keep the journal?" Of course he was talking about this blog and we talked about what good it has done. First, it allows me to see where I've been. I've only been doing this for a few weeks, but I can already see how much I've grown. Also, look what I'm doing tonight. I'm playing with female players. I don't recognize the names, and I'm not sure if they're pros or just bloggers or just readers of mine. It doesn't matter, people are coming out to play with me. If I learn one thing each day my progress will grow into what I finally want it to be. And that's a professional poker player. All the greats start small. Was Phil Ivey born rich? Do you think he was born the best poker player in the world? I do believe that certain people are born with certain things, and you have to have a killer instinct to be able to be a pro, but it also takes hard work and dedication. I have all of these. Ask anyone. Ask anyone how I got the name Neverbluff. I wasn't born with it! LOL!!

If you want to be a champion at anything you have to play like one and you have to act like one. When people see me they see a champion. I'm not a world champion at poker yet, but I am definitely one in the making. When that happens I think I'll owe a lot of it to the blog, and I'll owe a lot of it to drinking with Tommy and Keith and talking about the game itself (You guys may laugh, but it's true!) The more I think about the game, and the more I write about it, and the more I talk to people about it, it brings up things. Then I'll think about those things and they will come to light. Poker is deep. It's more than just a card game, you have to know your opponent and what they will do in certain situations. I've also had a lot of great comments from people, and most of them have blogs too. I read them and see that they go through the same things that I go through. It's just like Antonio and Ivey and Hellmuth when they play together. When they're done they will sit and talk about hands, and that's how they learn so much. It's a community project, and everyone will get better. Not everyone will end up a pro, because that's what I was talking about that you are born with. The Killer instinct. You also have to be determined. Most people aren't, and I can tell who is just by reading their blogs. Most bloggers aren't determined. You can ask anyone, I am. That's how I know.

Anyway, that talk with Tommy really got me thinking about growing as a card player. It's fun. It's a journey, and sometimes it takes going back to read how far you've grown as a poker player to let you know that you can grow some more. I'm not sure if Annie Duke reads poker blogs, but my guess is that she does. I doubt she reads this one, but if you do I am challenging you.

Annie Duke this is a challenge. Tonight at Pokerstars at 9pm you can play me if you want. It's only $10, and I know you have it. LOL!! My question is do you have what it takes to play someone that is determined? Do you have what it takes to play someone with a killer instinct? And if you're reading this and you know Annie, please tell her to come read. If she's so good, I don't see any reason why she wouldn't play me.

Come out if your not scared! LOL!

Play Like a Champion Today.